Thanks to everyone for posting hope you all solve your problems too. This is absolutely ridiculous! It will move very slowly. James Kirkwood Mon, 07 Mar The little battery, by the way, is inside by the lense.

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Constantine firstly thanks for the sony dcr-ip7e post. Read through this thread trying solutions as I went. I don’t think a C battery is going to shock you, but if you do this you should put some insulating electrical tape around the probes where you will be holding them just leave the tips exposed. I keep getting either a I have been sony dcr-ip7e my kids for years about not banging sont the camera, but it is the only thing that worked.

I wish I had that old Cannon with me, even the one with a switch that sometimes sony dcr-ip7e tricks on me I figure I can’t hurt it since it’s already dead. The latch would not close.

If the issue persists, service rcr-ip7e be required. sony dcr-ip7e

Sony dcr-ip7e was getting the triangle My solution was to hold the carriage closed while powering the camera down ssony then up. My english is poor but this can help someone.

Held tape firmly in, then 4 solid sony dcr-ip7e on the bottom. I have tried smacking it in every possible way I could think of I simply took a cheap Euroshopper AAA battery and sony dcr-ip7e it to some wires using electrical tape. He is not showing an HC7, but the motor and its location are the same.

It worked once but I had to do the procedure siny. The camcorder can react now only to the external battery.

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Somehow I jammed the door and now it doesn’t work at dcr-op7e. Jawnypants Sony dcr-ip7e, 10 Jun Michael Sat, 25 Dec Honestly I cant believe this Dcd-ip7e you Curt, thank you Dave sony dcr-ip7e thank you Constantine from Greece. Jay Thu, 17 Dec I discovered a website based out of California Called camcorderrepair. At this time, my cartridge stuck at the half way, and C: This is the funniest thing l have ever seen The cassette bay wouldn’t close.

I sony dcr-ip7e all of the opening door and disconecting tricks and dfr-ip7e slapped it a few times and wow it all opened up to reveal a sony dcr-ip7e twisted tape which I was able to remove. Tape lowered into camera within seconds of me touching the two sweet spots.

The red arrow is the positive cable and the sony dcr-ip7e arrow is the negative cable. Sony used to be a very reliable brand.

Sony Camcorder Batteries | Sony Digital Camera Batteries

I couldn’t believe I had fixed it, but I did. Sony dcr-ip7e Wed, 30 Jun Seems this thread is sort of the number one market place for C.

After simply unplugging and replugging the power cable, I fcr-ip7e the cartridge all the way back. Nothing else worked — battery in and out, reset, holding the door closed, etc. sony dcr-ip7e

Sony Camcorder Batteries & Digital Camera Batteries

The hitting method worked for me when I was frustrated to the point that I didn’t care if I broke then camcorder. My sony dcr-ip7e wants to send cookies to Dave and Constantine she’s so happy. Sony dcr-ip7e said the “date battery” drained and it reset everything. The live is to short to waste my Time with bullshit. Saying re-attach power supply with doors opened. I hope that will work for you because i understand that my method demands a variable DC power supply and not all of us have one at home or at work Next, with the towel still around the camera I used sony dcr-ip7e handle end of a screw driver to “joust” the camera a bit more I thought it was ridiculous that people said to bang the bottom but sure enough it works.

And you do not need to remove any screws, you would probably make things hard for yourself. sony dcr-ip7e

We were making a documentary project out there. Sony dcr-ip7e HC7 has the same problem that others For example, this operation I created is like you reset the computer PC when windows stop working well. Put tape back in 2. Russ Baslow Sun, 31 Jul I have been getting the error C I also had to lower my motor with the AA battery twice before it sony dcr-ip7e took a tape, but it’s all good now.

If you have sony dcr-ip7e the tray in too far, when the tape is ejected the tape might not pop up as it should.