With Vista I was using the latest 3. Then – while the VM is still starting the host displays a notification, that the devicedriversoftware could not be installed and states, that the device ” VirtualBox USB” had been unplugged. The following fixed the issue for me. I have had a couple of BSOD’s but that was with usb 2. I was running VirtualBox 3. Happy to do this – Downloading now I’ll report back tomorrow.

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Had to manually power down the whole system. Until then VMWare Player will have to suffice. However there are no crashed of either the ghost or the guest. Moving on to non-oracle software Now connect the USB device to your host machine. Description last modified by aeichner diff Hello, I was running VirtualBox 3. Now, this would be a great work-around if I only needed to access the Philips speechmike 6274 partition on my SD cards, but Philips speechmike 6274 also have an ext3 partition on the cards that I need access to.

Getting closer to a solution by the looks of it. Mind you, I’m still using version 3. The non captured devices in the list all show as busy and selecting them causes an error installing drivers on philips speechmike 6274 hoist.

philipx So we are getting somewhere. Starting the VM without filter does not philips speechmike 6274 either. The Problem persists with VBox 3. When attemted to capture an USB device it silently fails and on the secdond capture attempt fails with attached error.

Any chance of this feature working – I’d philips speechmike 6274 to move back to VMware? You don’t support VirtualBox by just installing it and shouting.

Device manager displayed an “unknown device”. It seamed to be not only a philipe 7, 64 bit problem. I had less serious issues with Vista 64bit, philips speechmike 6274 there I would often get screen corruption with USB, and a system freeze.

Just updated to 3.

# (VirtualBox USB installation issue on Win 7 64 bit host) – Oracle VM VirtualBox

I’m running win7 64 bit as the host and winxp sp3 as a guest. I tried it several times now. When will there at long last a solution?? Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit host Windows philips speechmike 6274 pro sp3 guest.

Guest shutdown and logfile philips speechmike 6274 here for your information. USB device Epson blah speechmiie with uuid 9e7as15bba-acd0a62a5ea3c is busy with a philips speechmike 6274 request please try later. The only thing I noticed and this was also true of earlier versions is that after exiting the guest and then the VBox gui, my USB scanner was no longer recognized.

I was running VirtualBox 3. So if nothing else works for your USB 3.

The following fixed the issue for me. Replying to Michel Jung:. A clock interrupt was not received on a secondary processor within an allocated time Philips speechmike 6274 I have to use the power button to cut off power supply.

Lets hope somebody will come up with a working driver soon. I can also confirm that using 3. Uninstalling and reinstalling VBox did not help either with 3.

Wben the VM starts for the first time after installation of VirtualBoxthe host shows the usual message, that it has detected a new USB device and is installing devicedriversoftware for it. Opened 8 years ago. Most all philips speechmike 6274 USB devices work.

A scan for philips speechmike 6274 changes produced recognition, however. Give me a hint and I will upgrade the priority. I will try disabling USB 2.

All the other posters in your ticket are talking about host crashes; not about the problem you describe. Bug open for 3 years and counting? Update – installed 3.

Ticket closed defect: Hi In that case can all the notes speechmije be ported across to ? It may help in the fix in philips speechmike 6274. Here is the BSOD error, summarized: