Make sure all volume controls hardware and software are turned up. Linda March 12, When you say the screen goes blank, does it mean the backlight still there but there is no image? Surprise that, when i came and try to start my laptop, i see that alomost half of my screen Bottom went white.. The progress bar went wonky again. Maybe the trackpad simply disabled?

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I have a sony vaio laptop vqio no: Moh April 6, I works well but needs a new CMOS. John Giangrande January 9, YARA July 26, I need pcg-5g3l sony vaio change the keyboard and I need instructions on how to do this.

OK, so I am a noob.

Service manuals for Sony Vaio

THanks pcg-5g3l sony vaio any help! Steve May 3, Any help would be greatly appreciated. Charles Chong March 14, Bob July 29, Remember not to remove any sellotape sticked on mainboard. Really need to swap a HDD out.

If one of the modules is bad, the laptop will start properly when the bad module is removed. VGN-PCH and presently it is not booting I have tried resetting the Bios by taking out the Cmos battey and shorting pcg-5g3l sony vaio the two terminals but no luck.

Searching on the internet, I found that there is a recurrent grapic card problem on vaio fz series. Reseating connections might pcg-5g3l sony vaio. Can you see any faint image on the screen at all?

I put the laptop down and the timer froze. Has anyone dealt with this type of issue?

Garfield May 6, Bunny July 19, Both the keyboard and touchpad have stopped working, although F2 and F8 work when booting. Tried your pcg-5g3l sony vaio for VGN-N but there still seems to be something holding the keyboard as I am unable to release the 5 tabs.

After that the cooling fan stopped working. I cannot tell without looking at the laptop.

Is it enough just replace the fan or the whole motherboard has to be replaced? Should I reinstall the driver? Carlos June 13, Have you tried calling the official service center?

Service manuals for Sony Vaio | Laptop Repair

Please take the IB out of the tube and wrap it with transparent sellotape around it as spiral shape from head to end till IB is fully wrapped. Not sure for how long these pcg-5g3l sony vaio manuals will be pcv-5g3l for pcg-5g3l sony vaio but they are the time of wringing this post. Hey Gecko I have the same problem with the wireless switch on a vaio FE41m did you managed to solve the problem??

RoninDave April 26, Hamcamper May 17, Three days ago it stopped working completely and It is not getting started.

Can you give me more ideas on what to do….