I have the retainer and the cap but the thing is the little black thing in the middle of a key is off. What do i do? Snap the key cap on the retainer. Thanks so much for the valuable info!!! Do I need to purchase a new keyboard?

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My backspace key came off on my laptop, and I could not figure out how to put it back on. Not easy doing the search, either, with missing keys!

This is great, but i only need the retainer clip, mine is broken, so although i can get the key back on, it keeps falling off, because the lower left corner is gone on retainer clip. Jake here tramsport, I posted yesterday thinking I had fixed mpc transport t2400 E key.

Anyway, your site and clear pics showed me what was going on. Fortunately,snapping the two keys back into place was the simplest and quickest part of the process!

I am so happy I could kiss you. They try and get you off the phone in under 6 and a half minutes.

Finally thanks to your site it seems so simple…. I read here I mpc transport t2400 just snap it back and saved myself from making a total mess. Where do i find individual keys to purchase for my laptop? Kudos to you and to google!!! Maybe the part 1 in your case has broken missing pins on both sides?

I have an acer notebook and the home key came off. I popped one key alt off to see if I could just pull them all and clean the key contacts from the top. With your clear instructions, it was working within 5 mins. They popped back mpc transport t2400. In your key cap and key retainer diagram, mpc transport t2400 we just look at the key retainer where we see the tansport parts, assuming the one of left is 1 and the one on the right we call 2. Please reply to me e-mail at mpc transport t2400 wcasd.

The other day tgansport I was cleaning my Vaio laptop, I used a soft cloth across the keyboard and inadvertently snagged two of the keys.

A key fell off the keyboard. Fixing the problem. | Laptop Repair

My toddler thought it was a blast to pick the keys off. Mpc transport t2400 anyone know how it works exactly or know how to get it working again?

I would have never looked for two pieces that snap back on before the key.

Trabsport the function keys of a Mpc transport t2400 Inspiron different than the other keys? The one with the pegs has ONE notch that catches at the bottom.

A key fell off the keyboard. Fixing the problem.

I was able to put the mpc transport t2400 back on, but the rubber piece also came off, should I just glue it back? The computer mpc transport t2400 just passed the 2 year warranty. If you could help I would be very grateful! Within two minutes of visiting this mpc transport t2400 it was so easily fixed Thanks. I broke one of the keys the other day n balmmed it on my baby brother: The one with the holes has two notches that catch at the top.

However, it is not the metal retainer that I am having problems with. But the opposite side shift key was similar, and a few transpprt later. My up button has this problem and fell off. The two keys seem solid, good as new!