Make sure that the scanner is installed on a flat, level surface and that none of its parts extend beyond the surface top, such as a desk or table. Do not put the substance contained in the lamp in your mouth as it has mercury. Use this scanner only at the indicated power voltage and current. Confirm that all the documents have the same width. Replace consumables when this message is displayed. Doing the following actions may result in serious personal injuries:

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To return the scanner to the ready status “1”press “Scan” or “Send to” button. Use the document that satisfy the requirements. Back Does the Function No. For Windows XP, select the event to be performed by the 5110eoox2 from the [ Select event ] menu. For details on how to fujitsu scansnap fi 5110eox2 twain documents using the ScandAll 21 application, refer to Documents” Remarks 1 bottle ml Moisten cloth with this fluid and wipe the scanner clean.

For details on how to clean the rollers, “4.


Table Of Contents 2. Page 70 It detects a multi feed by differences in document 51110eox2 when two or more document sheets are fed overlapping. When turning on the power, check that the scanner is connected to the PC. Press the power button on fujitsu scansnap fi 5110eox2 twain operator panel. If you cannot solve the problem after taking measures, check the items in “6.

Support for Fujitsu Scanners and Software Solutions

AP-2 Check this item Do the documents satisfy the “Docu Select one from the already existing profiles. Adobe Acrobat bundled with this product. This document describes how to handle fiC Duplex Color scanner and basic operation methods.

This manual also for: Page of 26 Go. Page 82 With this product, you can learn how many times the consumables are used so that you can estimate the right timing for the replacement. Page Items to check before contacting the dealer where you bought the scanner Check the following items before you contact the dealer where you bought the scanner.

Page 20 U i. Page 14 Do not install fujitsu scansnap fi 5110eox2 twain scanner on unstable surfaces. Page 72 CA or isopropyl alcohol Lint-free dry cloth Commercially available. Thank you for purchasing the fiC duplex color scanner.

Don’t have an account? Do not turn off the scanner when you clean the Feed rollers. Scanned images are displayed on the window. After the installation of QuickScan, it is registered in the [Start] menu. Page 13 Doing so might cause a fire or electric shock. Click this button fujitsu scansnap fi 5110eox2 twain configuring the Setting Files.

Before you start to clean the inside of the scanner, disconnect the AC adapter from the outlet and wait at least 15 minutes to let the scanner cool down.

The following describes the procedure with examples of QuickScan for ordinary scanning by using this driver software. Select the [ Event ] tab. Enter text from picture: Business Services Performance Management.

An alarm in the memory. The replacement cycles above tdain rough guidelines when using the following type of paper: When installing the application software, refer to “2. Select the scanner to be used. Check the items in “6.

Load document correctly on ADF paper chute. Got fujitsu scansnap fi 5110eox2 twain, continue to print. Install the pick roller with its shaft to the scanner. Scsi scanner installation procedures for windows nt 4. Symptom Paper is not fed pick error occurs frequently, or docu- ment stops midway.

The configuration fujitsu scansnap fi 5110eox2 twain of ISIS driver appears. If the scanner is damaged for any reason, turn the scanner off and unplug the power cable. Take particular care in cleaning the feed rollers since black debris on the rollers adversely affect the pickup performance. Make sure that any smoke coming from it has stopped, before contacting the store where you bought the scanner or an authorized FUJITSU scanner service provider.

Fujitsu scansnap fi 5110eox2 twain of Go. Page 89 Caution If you push up the pick roller tab using your fingernail, it may hurt or get chipped your fingernail. Page 5 Doing the following actions di result in serious personal injuries: Software processing time such as data transfer time is added to the actual scanning time. Your PC interface connector. Use documents that satisfy the requirements.