This basic guide to using tone curves covers a few simple procedures to improve your pictures. Correcting color By selecting individual color channels on the tone curve, adjustments to the overall color of an image can be made. This type of correction is effective in changing a specific color without influencing any of the other colors in the image. Changes made with the histogram are also displayed on the tone curve. Click the unsharp-mask button to open the unsharp- mask dialog box. Installed files and folders The following files and folders are installed in the computer system at the same time as the DiMAGE Scan Utility application software. Konica Minolta Photo Imaging U.

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To use the scanner. More on ICE here. Depending on what you’re doing many people just love these Epsons. To set the parameters for Auto Dust Brush p. Page 64 See page 19 for information on auto cropping.

Beware when nac my descriptions and especially prices below; these are copied and pasted by me below every few months from the dimage scan dual iv mac above as they go obsolete.

Bizhub press c network scanner user guide for ic pages. When the input size and output size are unlocked, the input resolution and output size vary according to the entered magnification value.

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SilverFast is available for Mac and Windows and is usable as a stand-alone software, as well as a Photoshop plug-in.

Pixel Polish Pixel Polish makes automatic or custom image corrections. Selective-color palette Kv correction is an advanced technique to refine the colors in the image. Dimage scan dual iv mac stores have better return policies and discounts, especially over the Internet.

Original image Changes made with the magnifying tool, grab tool, or scroll bars on one image will be applies to the other. The page below is written for artists like me who want to scan images one at a time. See page 32 on how to make and save exposure settings. As the slider is moved to the right, an apparent increase in contrast can be seen in the displayed dimage scan dual iv mac. This is for cheapskates shooting or 4×5 film. Technical Specifications Slide Mount Holder, Color dimage scan dual iv mac film, no autoexposure, no image correction, dpi 8-bit scan.

The Job names can be sorted chronologically or alphabetically by clicking the name or date radio buttons at the bottom of the dialog box. I’ve bought mine from Amazon because they allow 30 days return for any reason, and have much better prices than a camera store. An introduction to color In photography, red, green, and blue are the primary colors. Page 26 After making adjustments to the image, click the next button.

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Please have the following information ready when calling Konica Minolta technical support: Locate and click on the application to highlight it. Page 79 To control the scanner exposure.

Saving scan settings as a Job Frequently used scan settings can be saved. After making adjustments to the image, click the next xual. Advanced Scanning, Setting Scanner Preferences 39the auto-expose-for-slide box must be checked.

A short guide to tone curve corrections Image processing is a highly specialized and difficult field that takes years of practice to master. For most person- al use where the image dimage scan dual iv mac displayed on a monitor or printed with a small printer, sRGB color space is adequate. Another advantage of this Epson is its film scan up to 6 x 12 cm dhal directly. Selective-color Dimgae, About Rgb And Cmy Selective-color palette Selective-color correction is an advanced technique to refine the colors in the dimage scan dual iv mac.

Job File List Job file list Jobs can be used to make scan settings based on the final use of the image.

Film type can be selected between color and black and white, positive and negative film. Sczn print the manual completely, please, download it. Basic image processing The functions available vary between scanner model.