Fasten the scanner board with 2 screws. Page 4 Adjusting the pressure of curl eliminator mechanism Increase the pressure of the curl eliminator mechanism to reduce upward curling of paper stacked on the intermediate tray if a paper jam occurs when batch ejection is performed because of strong upward curling. Connect the connector of the job separator to the lower connector of the copier. Defective drum Replace the drum unit. Enter a destination code using the numeric keys refer to the destination code list and then press the start key. Send us a note at webmaster precisionroller. Purpose To check the messages to be displayed.

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At Copystar, in order to deliver products and services that delight our customers, we take the “Customer-First” Principle as our top priority. Tape Stapler unit Figure Remove the tape securing the solenoid, copystar cs-3035 the tape securing the copystar cs-3035 guide.

Auto The printer is capable of printing on both sides of a page Supported Page Size: Detects a paper jam in the finisher.

Switchback eject motor SBEM Broken upper lift motor Check for continuity across copystar cs-3035 coil. The paper copystaf then conveyed to the copier paper feed section copystar cs-3035 the upper and lower duplex feed rollers.

U U U U main scanning auxiliary scanning P.

Copystar CS3035 Toner Cartridges

Page 3 Version history Version Date Replaced pages Remarks October 19, — April 22, Contents, copystar cs-3035,,, Chapter overall rerised,, A paper copystar cs-3035 in the is extremely curled. Generates the laser beam which forms a latent image on the drum.

Purpose To be fs-3035 if there is a regular error betw een the leading or trailing edges of the original and the copy image when the optional DP is used. To remove paper jammed in copystar cs-3035 copier, open the front cover, conveying cover, side cover or drawer. Connect the connector of the job separator to the lower connector of the copystar cs-3035.

Copystar cs-3035 the paper feed shaft toward the rear of the primary paper feed unit in the direction of the arrow and remove the paper feed pulley and gear. Copystar PF70 Paper Supply: Tape Figure Install the optional paper feeder or large paper deck.

Screws Figure 6. U Setting auto clear time Description Sets the time to return to initial settings after copying copystar cs-3035 complete.

U Copystar cs-3035 for the volume switch 1. The Copystar CS offers automatic duplexing; this feature can save on paper consumption, filing space, and even postage costs.

Detects the stapler in the home position. Page of Go.

Run maintenance item Copystar cs-3035 Transfer roller assembly 2. Perform the drum refresh operation. Dispose of the film that has been removed.

Copystar Copier | Copystar CS copier | Copystar

Insert the hard disk and secure it with the screw that has been removed in copystar cs-3035 1. Copystsr prevent copystar cs-3035 fs-3035, the copystar cs-3035 position should be changed so that shading is possible without being affected by the flaws or stains. Also check for continuity within the The paper feed cable connector terminals connector cable. The screen for selecting an item is displa yed. Run maintenance item U to initialize the Screw hard disk.

Remove the lower drawer from the copier. Open the conveying cover. Add this to My Printers.