Check memory modules, try reconnecting them, removing one by one. When I press the power button, the power and battery LEDs flash then go off. Computers that are working and say power is connected is a dc jack problem. My Niece closed my laptop screen down very hard in a fit of anger at her brother and now the Laptop will not display. Try reconnecting it, replacing with another known good memory.

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Having removed the old one by following instruction on numerous websites i soldered the new one in place all went well or so i thought!!!!. You have to change the motherboardwhich is very costly. I guess the next step would be removing some components and see if it fixes the problem.

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When i compaq presario v2000 multimedia audio controller everything the computer would not contrller up again. I dropped water on my laptop and everything works fine now except for the crackling noise emanating from my speakers. I have an Acer Aspire series and it shows no sign at all of trying to power up. Can anyone help…i have taken the laptop back apart and checked all the conectors but cant see anything out of order.

Okay now my question, when i compaq presario v2000 multimedia audio controller the new motherboard, is it save to test it in the configuration on this site, pdesario the mainboard out of the laptop with the cpu, cooler fan, ac power cable and an external monitor. Should you get a new laptop? In this case you multimediz to replace the entire motherboard.

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I tested the 1 gb separate in both inputs, nothing, same thing. All LED Bulps are glowing when we turn on the system. Nokia Card Phone 2. These cards compsq the blue arrow on the front along with a 3Com logo. Dear all, I am facing a strange problem. In IBM laptops the power button is a part of the keyboard.

If yes, this could be motherboard failure. In particular the fiber channel controllers in Compaq presario v2000 multimedia audio controller systems are not supported.

Test the AC adapter first.

Power light on, battery light on…then the diskdrive light but thats it still black screen…. On the bottom of the laptop should be RAM cover. I have a hp laptop. These controllers are supported by the mps 4 driver:. The dc 4 driver provides support for the following chipsets:. Will it start when only one module is installed?

I took the whole damn computer apart like 20 minutes ago and the connection on the motherboard seems fine, it doesnt look borken or anything.

I was trying to plug in a mouse and accidentally bumped the cable from the external monitor that was plugged into the laptop.

Plugged in the old power pack worked for a couple hours then I shutdown but when I went compaq presario v2000 multimedia audio controller reboot, nada. The AC adapters charge the battery for every single laptop. Now with your experience can you go into more detail bring back a dead laptop?

Everything can function fine then. Make sure the laptop screen is set as a primary screen. I have been using this laptop compaq presario v2000 multimedia audio controller 3-years. The computer turns on and makes normal startup noises, the LED lights turn on but noting appears on the screen. I figured it would die eventually. Test your laptop with another working memory. Persario could be more than one adapter available for your model. Apart from that the fan also stops in seconds after I turned multikedia on.

This morning was working then I turn it off. I suspect the fan s are overheat and make so much noise. Have u considered installing a new BIOS chip.

My laptop just turned a year old in December. I try to save customer money instead making them pay arm and leg for a motherboard. I have Dell inspiron laptop with me.

My system starts perfectly but i dont get any display. However, in the laptop screen, once windows loads, everything becomes okay again.