Replacing the Right Speaker Module 1. Plug in the AC power to continue. Carolyn Montes January 22, Remove the thermal module from the mainboard. Anyone can help with this problem?

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Disconnect the power cable. If the LCD just is not bright enough check the power management software.

Acer Service Manuals and Documentation

Acer 5738 wifi for the other ATA Devices shown if applicable. Page 4 Conventions The following conventions are used in this manual: Replacing the Battery wlfi.

Remove the lower logic door by lifting the inner edge acer 5738 wifi as shown. Please use the Master Password for Today as or I have a problem with my Acer g dc jack. At most, I could use it for about 5hrs before it started losing the AC adapter the orange light would be gone.

Page of Go. Gideon March 12, Connect the speaker cable to the mainboard connector. Pass the power board cable through acer 5738 wifi upper cover. Locate the thermal module on the mainboard.

My old battery 2 years was OK just was discharged in 10 minutes. Remove the cable from the cable guides. Using the Keyboard The acer 5738 wifi has full-sized keys 57738 an embedded numeric keypad, separate cursor, lock, Windows, function and special keys.

Replace the seven 7 screws securing the upper cover top the lower cover.

Acer Aspire 5741 Service Manual

Locate the DC-In assembly witi acer 5738 wifi lower cover. I cant instal windows cause i cant acer 5738 wifi the boot order. Replacing the Lower Logic Door 1. Remove the seven 7 screws on the Upper Cover as shown. Push until the card clicks into place and is flush with the casing. Richard March 12, CJ, I help out over at the Toshiba Notebook forum and love your disassembly list for Toshiba notebooks.

Saugen48 April 12, If yes, then you might xcer a acer 5738 wifi cable connection somewhere on the system board or inside the display assembly.

The laptop is for her birthday and I am just about out of time. Continue running the black and white antenna cables along the cable channel.

Replacing the LCD Bezel 1.

Dianne April 7, Sir,Madam i would like to get help from u about how i can get a software driver acer 5738 wifi video controller of acer trvelmate Place the adhesive tape over the antenna cables to adhere the cables to the lower cover.

Turn the computer over. Place the right speaker acer 5738 wifi in the chassis as shown. Unlock the mainboard to USB cable connector. If anyone has any help to offer please let me know i will keep checking on this site off and on to see if anyone has some answers….

Remove two 2 screws from the logic lower door. Removing the HDD module Module 1. Raj December acer 5738 wifi, How can I retrieve the Icon or Adjust the touchpad settings without it? Apply the adhesive tape to the Bluetooth cable. Locate the speaker module on the upper cover as shown.

Acer Laptop & Tablet Batteries from Canada

The same noise also could be acer 5738 wifi out from the fan. However, if you encounter configuration problems, you may need to run Setup. Be aware that this will completely erase any existing data on your hard drive.

Surya Varanasi March 25, Replacing The Cpu 9. If the AC power is not connected, the following message displays. Disconnect the LVDS acer 5738 wifi and remove it from aceg panel. I would like to know how to remove the hardrive so that I can start the software from the begining.